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t off the mmtorcycle, get recordinggpolice on the job. the ground breaking ruling and rights. could mean for your get eady to go hands free when the no phones behind the wheel law goee into effect. this planet is being visite3 by bbings from another world. >> ann are we alone? the overnment sources say theyú experienced an alien encounter. good morning, it's tuesday, september 28tt. i'm patrice harris.
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let's get a check oo our ú%recast as peopll are getting out anddheading out about this mornnng..3 meteorologiit steve fertiggis heee with what we can expect today. >> today weecould have obviously we're talkinn about rainshowwrs and they're heavy anddoff the eastern seaboard. we could have gotten thunderstorms in theeeastern seaaoard, paarice. that would have taken a course to the east. let's a look at tte hd radar, and you can see the story. the central counties beginning to see more activity but most of ú%ints west, you have toward fredeerck county. that sswhere youusee the heaviest rain.ú we could hhve had a llt of %-in the atlantic occan. staying weestill get some rain out of thhs and we do have lash side of the chesapeake bay at
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rather mild, tte samm for .c.úd 63 for the hhgh. and evee a hancc for a little -hunder especially to the west later in the day as we climb to the 80-degree mark..3 what are we deellng on the roadways with this morning though? we got to check in with lauren %-lauren.úhhs the traffic edge. >> reporterr we conttnue to follow the breaking news out of norttwest baltimore where row home has collapsed, you want to sticc with ccl watt avenue walle do have trouble on the main3 liie. an accident along tth northbound lanes of 955at route 32. fortunately not causing any delays if you're traveling from route 32 to beltway. that stretch is oing to takeú you 10 minutts nddyou're looking atta a high average speed of goo miles per hourr all is cllar on the weet side of
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taking a life look at liberty road, you're taking a look at 12-minute ride from 795, to 95 with aahigh-speed of 52 miles per hour. that stretch is going to take 54 miles per how.rage speed of that's the traffic edge. patrice, back to you. thank you, lauuen.3 %-it coulddbe eesier for marylad ú%ficers in action. olice that state olice were wrong to ú%affic stop. megan gilliland is livv from %-ggod morning, megan.arters wih >> repprter: what this means for everyone if you s see a pole officer out onntte streets and yoo haapen to be pulled over by ú%e and youuhappen to hhvv a camera rolling on your cell phone according to this judge, that is notta violation of marylaad's wiretapping law. it's. >> get off the motorrycle, get %-police.eemotorcycle state
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>> rrporter: now thha is anthony graber on his motorcycle. he was recording issdaytime ride with his helmet camerr when he was stoppee forrspeeding, the camera kept recording and caugh3 all of thht on tape. you can see the state trooper on plainclothes, to pull is gun on gabeer before he identifiesú himself as a police officer. graber wasscharged with3 violatiig tte maryland's wiretapping law. maryland requires a consent of both parties to rrcord a private conversation. now a maryland counny judge has throon out those charges. >> what the judge fouud that what he was charged with was simply not a crime. >> the judge ruled and we willl3 %->> reporter: the judge madeg. that ruling yesterray saying the trooper had no expectation of the privacy when he arrested3 ú%aber and that the wiretapping graber's atttrney says this ruuing is a haj huge victory foe public when ittcomes to recording pollce conduct..3
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he is still facing that traffic livv from police headquarters, fox 45 morning news. -p a man is dead after a figt police were cclled to sttne gate courttiincockeyssille around 11:30 last night. %-maa lying on the sttight.nd a witneeses told officers they saw people fighting anddthe victim got hit in the head. police are still looking for the the susppct who stabbed a man at security square mall in baltimore county is still on the loose this morning. 11:00 a.m.d esterday at -he victim is a student at the north american trade school which is located iiside the mall.he was stabbeddin the backd taken to shock trauma. there's no word n his condition. ú%> a 2-yeaa-olddis in critical condition after accidentallyú shooting himself in the chest. hagerstown police say the chiid3 found a gunnin an apartment on little elliot ddive early yesterday ornnng and the weaaon
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discharged. he is bbing tteated at %--ashington.spital in thh boy's 16 yearssold brother has been charged as an adult -ith possessing an illegall3 firearm. ranking ember of the lood's gang is scheduled for sentees today n the murdee of another back in may, a jury convicted stephen perish.s in the death of he reeorded other membbrr of the gang tt kill parish becauue he thooght parish was ay and that would makk the gang look weak. driviig death of a hoo warned countt teenager heads to trial today. the influenceelast august along route 100. that is when he allleedly hit and killed benjamin wart man. bike at the time. he was allo ccaaged with heroin possession.., the loves come off in the3 race for governor.
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governor martinno'malley of delibbrately suppressing bad news of maryland's economy. llst month they postedda report describiig as maryland's economy as talling but ttat information wws removed from the website just as governor o'malley delivered an up beat message of the state economic recovery.3 >> was this simply the fact and then it got ccvered up? or it was a mistake and it was simply a draft. %-understand it.ase, we >> the spokesman says the employment document was never %-agency's website. n the this ssory. delegates weegh in on the race in this tueeday's house spotllght. for the latest oo the governnr's race go to the news features section. calling all ccll phone usees. you only ave three days leff to make your phone hands free.
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maryland's new law beeins this friday. joel d smitt is live in timonium to ssow us drivers how we an -tay safe and stay leggl and good morning, joel. >> reporter: three ttings you really want tt do. wearing stuff like thhs out on want to staa legal. it's not a primmry offfnse but can be a $$0 fine the first time and $80 the second time. letts figure out how to stay legal. -e are hhre at castle ellctronics, it's been busyy3 around here, hasn't itt that goes n effect on october first, so has the traffic in our store. >> eporter: a lot of people don't like haviig these on them, are there any ootionn for them? >> ttere's a couple of different ú%we have a advisor mount and be tooth connects to your phone. you hit one utton to nswer or tt receive a call. youu voice whethee you have it
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%-a lot of women do not likeice. wearing a blue tooth device. my wife being one of them, she uses this.3 >> reporter:: ou have tuff >> middle of the line, jabber or plan electronics, they have got quality. they don't pick up a lot of ú% reporter:: what is that? ú% $60. >> reporter: so patrice, you got to keep this mind. foo the kids and anyone else under 18 you an't talk on the cell phone no matter what even everybody else, you want to get you're talking abouttmore than that.ú >> this was coming ffr a long time and i like a lot of people forgot about it and now we're going to be in the mad rush to get in some of these devices. >> reporter: on overall to people being on the phone.
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-p the national aquarium loss one of its stars. ú%iloh he 30 years old she had been perfooming at then. aquarium sincc 1993. for the ooher dolphins and she will be greatly missed. a group aiming to clean up the bay has sued tte har -- hundreds of people are expected -o show up at the rallyyffr the chesapeake baa at the national a %-environmental maryland says te rally is a call to tte state leaders to suppprt the bay restoratton strategg. all waterrhed statee including maryland submitted their restoration plans toothe epa earlier this month. >> the upo poo popular restaurae
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bob ehrlich pretends to be for the working guy... but he's not on our side.
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i thought i knew bob ehrlich, but then i found out... he raised property taxes on every maryland family... and business. he increased college tuition... by 40%. 40%. and i thought i knew bob ehrlich. he was against raising the minimum wage. made $2.5 million... working for a lobbying firm. $2.5 million? he's not really on my side. with this tough economy, we really need a governor on our side. 6:13 noo on fox 45 orning a wet start to the morning, a lot wetterrfor somm in our area. meteorologist steve fertig is here with a look at whht we can exppct for today. and we can use some rain and not evvrybody etting the rain. here isswhat we're seeing on tte
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rain.ú we omekd on th checked on the u %-moving on the west side of the place and moving off the eastern shore as you can see where the %-the plume of moisture could he been further inland and it would have brought the eastern shore posssble thunderstorms there. we zoom in a little bit more to the wwst where weere getting the heavier rain traveeing 270, youure going to run into heavy rain to the north aad west theree not seeing a whole lot of3 -ould be later. shooers but here is the heavier rain that could have brought heavy downpours foo the eastern shore. we may still get some rain for3 the eastern shore because there's more moisture to he south of this that will be cooing in and that will be later this horning and the early afternoon before it's finnlly all out of here..3 ú%ood watch at 8:00 a.m. o west side of the chesapeake bay.
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the southwest side of the chess %-advisory.bay a coastal flood as far as the low pressure center that is screaming up a lot of tropical moisture.3 %--ossible. a lot of rain is we're also keeping our eyes to the south bbeauseeanother tropiccl syssem with a lot off3 moisture associated comes our way and may steer up our way or east out to sea as it moves to the north. we will have to h see how it progresses. by thursday we could have heavy downpourr and ignificann downpourssin fact. 73 degrees or tte temperature %-washington d... 73 and and 72n salisbury..3 and the 62 in hagerstown where3 the wiid is the heeviest..3 -nd the rain is picking up at 10--5 miles ea15 miles per hourt
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could be heavier as the day 15 to 25-mile-an-hour winds there. the cennral part of the state, 80 degrees for the high. it's warmer thannyesterday. still showers possible withha 10-20-mileean-hour wind. gusts to 30 miles per hour. getting heavver rain, a 10-15-mile-an-hour wind gusting higher. overnight for the owwunder partly cloudy skies. forrmost part, could aveesome rain coming in from the south with the next system, maybe as early as wednesday might but the better chance on thursday with a high of 76 degrees. -eavy downpour a possibility on thursday. fridaa, 72 ddgrees, we will dry out with the cool temperaturesú for ssturday and sunday, 58 and 64, andd56 for your monday. we need to checc on the roadway3 ooce again of the here is laurrn cooke with the traffic edge..3 lauren..3 >> reporter: hank you, steve. we do have trouble on some of %-on 95 in howard county along e northbound lanes at route 32.3lo
6:17 am
too maay delays aa we make the push towwrd beltway. we do have an accident at 795 as we check in and take a live look at liberty road. it's starting to slow down a little bit. weeare looking at 27 milee per hour along the outer loop as well. if yoo are traveling n3 ú%rkville, no problems to talk -bout at harffrd road.3ú you can see cars re moving along just fine. we do haveetwo accidents in baltimore county, bott are going to be at middle river. we have reports that a car has flipped off the rrmp and landed harrison avenue. we do have a view on the wayyto the scene and ww will bring you updates as ittbecomes avvilable. another ccident not far from thh scene that has shuttoon kington road and ou do want to3 stick with hawthorn boulevard. a row home has collapsed ú%utting down northfield avenue and you want tt stick with walll cot avenue in instead.
6:18 am
ú% has shutdown old frederick you an stick with route 40 as an alternate. that is the traffic edge. patrice, back o you. thank you, lauren stz still head, it's thh cass that has been cold for decades. whh one family hasn't stopped lloking or better na debt. ber. this plant is beinn visited hi there. i'm ian wright and i'm investigating
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>> s there intelligent life out there? former air force personnel say they have spotteddufo..3 beings from another world.
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>> reporter: exair forre %-deal.s say ufos are the real nuclear weapon store ages areas in the 1960s, '70s, and '80s. >> dark, mel ta!metallic in app. >> reporterr at the time the officers ay the mmllitary urged them nnt to talk about the incident. ú% at this point in tiie. >> reporter:: the men believeú extrextraextraterrestrial beinge interested in the nuclear arms race and may be sending humans a message. >> i lways rooe what kind of evidence do you have to suuport3 this? i have yet to see any. >> repooter: last week the united nation appointed m ambassador for aliens affair. -e already heads the u.s. office for he outer space affairs and believes that discovering alien
6:22 am
certain..3ccming increasingly we want tooknow what you think. do you believe in aliens? it's our question of the day.33 ú%7:00 hour.ake your calls in te you can go to foxbbltimore.ccm and tell us what yyu think or sound off thrrugh facebook. seed us a tweet at ffx baltimore or text your answer to 45203. enttr fox 45a for yes or 45b for no. still ahead, frieedly skiis, a littte closerrto home just got a whole lot friendlier. ú%e major airline merger and what it could mmannfor your get off the motorcycle, state police. p> later video taping
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a merger in the skies coull change the way you fly, plus a bill targeting small business signed into law. >> eporter: stocks slipped %-deals.announcedded the moij on the do-- major deals. the nasdaq finishee in feeing tive territory. a big merger in the airline industry. souttwest airlines agreed to acquiie airtran for $1.4 billion. the deal will allow his airline tooexpand to atlantaa washington d.c., baltimore and new york city. planes will ly on the southwest logo and they will adopt the souuhwest fees inccuding no fees
6:26 am
on luggage. wal-mart as 16 stores in african countries. no deal has been reached yet. presiddnt obama signed into law a deal to aid small businesses. small busiiesses produue most the new jobs in his country. make loans available for small disagree. evvn more bail outs. ú%rrbusiness brief, i'm stan case. still ahead, a baltimore ú%oan missing for 24 years. emily's missionnto find out what happened to burr n!! bett n ú
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morning news. 6:29 is the time. i'm patrice harris. foreccst, mmteorologist steve fer stying herfertig and we have rain.ú in some placcs earlier.ú and take a look another what we have on sky hd radarment you willlsee the rain on the scan showinggmost the con sentrace t- concentration to the north and %-in hagerrtown seeing some rai.
6:30 am
if you're travel i-70 west toward 270, definitely going to run into more activity that iss3 more prevalent. look at the dowwtown arra, starting to see more rain moving in. we aaee tarting to see the raii move into the area in general and here is what we got as farr3 as a flash-fllod watch is concerned, until 8::0 his mornnng in the chesapeake bay. chesapeake bay, a flash-flood advisory until 11:00 we ssould head toward 80 degrees for the high. expect peaks of sun later as the sun comes out later in the day. we ould have another hance of rain this week. it could be heavy then in juss a few minuues..3 right now lauren cookeeis here. >> reporter: we are dealing with some rain this morniig so tte roads will bb sick across if you're travelinn in baltimore county, watch out for a crash in middle river. a car haa gone off theeraap and landed in someone's backyard rightt n eastern avenue at
6:31 am
harrison avenue. %-we do have a crash along thee3 southboonn lanes at the harbor tunnellthruway. you do expect delays on the west sidd of the beltway. we have an accidenttworking on3 the outer loop at 795. as we check in and take a look quiie a bbt of congestion. it's going to be a mess innthis ú%cinity. you do want tooexpect delays traveling alonn outer loop from 795 to 95. for fortunatelyyno roblems to theee you're looking at an average spped of 53 miles per hour. all is clear fromm95 moving through whitemarsh. you're looking the a 4-miiute trii with an overage spee averaf 54 milessper hoor.3 -ack to you.ú he videotaped his ttaffic violating maryland's iretapping law. motorcyccist diddnoo commit a crime. police headquarters with the latest on the ruling and what it
6:32 am
%-comes t recording police conduct, good morning, megan. >> reporter: ggod mornnig, what this means is if you see a police officer either out on the strrets or even if you're getting pullld over by one and you happen to have a camera rolling let's say on your ccll phone according to this judge itts not a violation of maryland's wiretapping laa. it's a debate that sparked up the youtube video surfacee. that is an thon grabe anthony gs motorcyyle recording hhs daytime rideewith his helmet camera. gun nd tell graber to get offis of his motorcycle before he even identifies himself as a police officer. graber was then charged with law. our state requires he conseet private conversation. now a harford couuty judge says this does not count as a private
6:33 am
>> those recordings are frequently the only reason that %-the only reason that publicúú% officials are actually able to be held accountaale. they had a believeethat a violation may have occurredment we were told to pursue charges and that is what occurred. >> reporter: yesttrday the judge ruled the trooper had no expectatiin of privacy when he arrested raberr the wiretapping law does not3 apply. graber tells us he is just the traffic charges, though. from city police headquarters downtown, i'm megan gilliland. wo homes collapse in tte3 cityyin just 24 hours. just before 5:00 this morning a vacant home collapsed in northwest baltimore. no one was injured. the other collapsed in west baltimore. to ssarch for a woman wholly had
6:34 am
witnesses say was walking nearbú at the time. that one happened at 3:30 on monday afternoon at druid hill avenue, speccal crews searchee the area using thermal imaging but they didn't find anyone trapped ii the rubble. >> we find no remains or no at this poont. we used the thermal imaging whether or not that was casene which gave us no reading. >> the building that collapsed vacant. investigators re still trying to determine what cause it had to fall. a patient at the clifton t perkiis hospital in jessup told3 police he strangled a fellow patient after kissing her. 45 years old susan sachs was found dead in her room aa the maximum security hospitallon monday morning. taylor has been carged in her murder.
6:35 am
afterrsissin kissing sachs, he a string around her neck. ú% at this point, we believe he is the individual that committeú the crime. >> both taylor sachs had been placed at the ssate hossital %pp>> the hopkins doctor shot b3 one of his patient's son is recovering at home this morning. dr. david could hon cohen was rd from the hospital yesterday. he was shot two weeks ago as he briefed a man on his motherrs conditionn3 that man shot himseef and his mother. dr. cohen's family says they appreciate the community supporú for their family. convicted of death of ickk33g adenhart. the los angeles pitcher aad tww others died last april. at the time the drrver who hit
6:36 am
them had a blood alcohol level3 of three times of the legall3 -imit. they found him guilty of three3 counts of second-degree murder. he will be sentenced in ú%cember. a hite supremacist says he isssorry for attacking a black fisherman. kevin lockner had made his apol. the assault and added another yeaa for attacking a correction's officer while in jail.3 >> accordance to the plea agreement, the state felt that the one year was an appropriate of what was ccnsidered toobe the more erious counts. lockner is also a registered sex offender in maryland. days it will also be illegalhree drivvng while using a cell phonn in maryland is a $40 fine starting this ffiday. so how much wiil it cost to still talk and ddive legally.
6:37 am
joel d smith is live in timonium with some of those answers, good >> reporter:! good morningg patrice, we want to show how far we come when it comms to car phones. remember ttis brick that you used to put to your ear? this is hilarious and it belongs to this guy. here, take it. this is roger castle with communicationnelectronics. did youuuse that? >> this was the state of the art technology bbck in the >> reporter: i now zaak ú%rris liied it from saaed from the bell but thha is funny.3 weego ffom that to the handdeld and now we got to ome all the way through. the law changes ccming up on friday. are peoppe talking about thhs? >> absoluteey. ii the couple f lasttweeks, a lot of wareness of the law3 first. they are coming in to find solutions. >> reporter: let's go from the cheapest to the most expensive. this ooe here, how much is it? >> ii's $30. traditional corded and rear set
6:38 am
goes to the rear. what are you getting more if you cordlesss and blue tooth technology. very good in high noisee nd good voice quality if you are talking from somebody in audio from other the side. the first timee aad the secondary fine is $100. if you dd not get in a crash,ú yyu can't gee in troubleebut it keeps you safer. it'' safer han holding this one >> that is the problem. technology has been improved soú muchhthat youudon't ave to use -hhnes like that. if you had to use that phonee -ou would not be talking aad ddrving at the same time. >> eporter: no, i guess too of course, you would fry to do - try to do this. it's not a good deal.ú the law will change in a couple of days. >> old school, ood school. ú%aa is funny. joel.ú dithank you.
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heating the water in your home any other way is just going to seem primitive. [ monkey cheeps ] ♪ maryland residents can save up to $780 while funds last. first we need to checkkin %-and seeewhat we can eepect wih the ffrecast, hopefulllya better picture than the traffic. into the nntural counties. we want tt exercise caution. take a llok t the hd radar that
6:42 am
indicates where the rain has been heaviest towaad west toward -rederick county. or oward 270, 83 north, you willlruu into more rain up toward parkville. as you look at the city, not a whole llt of activity and showers showwng up on theeradar. we look at it again, we are lookinn at a south to nortt flow..33 head up to the chesapeake bay aad heaaed into he central %-starttng to see the activity move in. -eanwhile offshore, in atlantic some the rain has missed you ttat's good news, although we the thunnerstorms that would have brought with it. we continue to watch as this continues to move ffom thee3 south. that will be throughout the day in ffct. here is what we got as far as yoor watthessand dvisories now. flash-flood watch until ú%100 a.m. for the west side of the chhsapeake bay.3 we do have a coastal flood
6:43 am
warning while we have thh coast of the chesspeake bay. ú%ey will be in effect until -:00 p.m. tonight. a lot of tropical moisture ú%inging in th from te south wh the low pressure..3 that will move out of here and takk it with the high pressure later todaa. there's annther loo pressure -ennerrwith tropical characteristiis thatt ould be bringing it up heavy downpours for tuesday. how much rain, 2 1/2 to three3 inches of rain. this is not just today's totals but thursday's aa well. over the neet couple of days we pick uppenough rain to make up the deeicct which is good news. degrees for baltimore'' current temperature. -p in hagerstownn 56 and cooler3 aad cooler still in oakland at ú%w the winds will become a fam for as had he have already become a little bit of an increased 10-15-mile-an-hour winds. you see it all from tte south. ú% e get the southeasterly
6:44 am
ú%mponent it does bring the wesr the coastal flood advisories in the morning.3 maybe thunderstorms still -iielihood is that it will be just showerr now with he central part of the staae getting up o 80 degrees with the additional raiifaal this 10-20-mile-an-hour winds gusting -o 30. thhs morning and a high of 76 degrees with the gusty winds. paatly cloudy skies as thh things get more comfortaale as faa as the sky conditions ask we dry out somm. tooooroww73 degrees, partly cloudy, in omm the louds withú the ext bit of moisture plume from the southh ta brinns can rain ooernight %-tturssay with a high of 76. 72 for friday and cool, 68 and 54 n saaurday and unday. 56 onnmonday.3 let's check in with laurenncookk once again whoois here with the traffic edge. lauren. >> reporter: it sure is, steve. well the raan ii making the roads really sliik. we''e ddallng with a ton of %--ere is a look at he west sie
6:45 am
of the beltway where the delays areeextremely heavy. it's due tooa crash onnthe outer loop at 795. as we pop up the shot at old court road, you will see how backed up it is. -t wiil be jammed up to ssevenson ane. do expect heavy delays, to 753 where the southhbund lanes are going to be jammed. -t parkville, you can see that traffic is moving along fiie. it will be an easy ride along the outer loops as we make a3 push toward providence road..33 easteen avenueeat harrrsonold avenue. the car has ran off of thh ramp and landed on someone's yard. we do have a crew on the way to the scene. we have an accident along the southbound lanes of routee295 we ontinue to follow a devellping stooy out of west collapsed, shutting down norfoll avenue, you can stick with wall cut avenue aa an aaternate. we have down wires hat have
6:46 am
shutdown old frrderick road at marysvilll roaa. you want to stick with route 40 and as an alternate ride and you to repair the problem.he scene it wwll onds! more bold flavor! more variety! more value! more of what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds. (play-by-play announcer) it's up and it is... good! more than a snack. old gibbs canning company.
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today these factories are full of dot com businesses. and now my job is helping maryland create new economy jobs. training new math and science teachers investing in our institutions of excellence pioneering new cyber security jobs and giving an old gm plant a jump start building electric motors. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message so you'll know i'm fighting for you. ú%
6:48 am
the two largest carries ttkes sttps to become number one. ú%uthwest airlines wants to bby airtrrn for $1.4 billionn souttwest intoothe northeast. no onn is sure wwaatthe dealú
6:49 am
would do to prices but there %-the combined airline would see 70% of the market at the airport. 24 yyars ago a baltimore woman went missing. today her family is stiil looking for answers and justice. bernardette caruso left her job at east poinn mall with plans to see her estranged husband. she has never seen aggin.3 her ffmily as annidea of what her sister ask her husbbnd join that case and how they help with other missinn person's cases? let's talk about bbrnardette and you have a picturr thhre. you all have n idea f had a that? %> i know that bernardette -er narbernardette was takee frs and i think this was ppanned. >> you have a persoo in miid and
6:50 am
is there evidence thattsupports that. she was in the middle of a heated custody dispute with her estranged husband over her 3 years old ddughter nicole. there had bben several incidents of domestic violence prioo to her disappearanne and a number of threatening from her ex-husband before she went missing. unfortunately we have never had ú%y remains or evidence leading to her whereabouts, it'' ccnsidered a no body type of case which is very difficult to prosecute. we felt that theeinvestigation has uncovered a number of circumstantial evidence in the case that could lead to a prosecution if we cculd get to to trial. ú%you know whattis there and wht is invvlved and what police3 have? >> i wasn't he original investtgator. - was department's criminal profillr. i was brought in on assess he stranger type of abduccion ask
6:51 am
that and all roads kind of lead right back to mmre of an intimate connection.ú >> susaa, it's 24 years latee. peace with this and let it go. %-rrute.n't chosen to go that >> i will never give up.3 there's always hope. we have very strong family bonds. wonderrull strangers, we will we will find justice. >> not only are you tiil tryinn to find justice foo your ssster, but this has taken on a much larger ole. yyuuall have startee a task force heee youutry to help others who are in same position that you find yourself? >> actually the marrlaad task force for missing unidentiffed adults and childrrn in maryland. weere leer for the families ofú. their own. we are here to help them.
6:52 am
>> wwat have yyu seen that accomplisheddover the years that you have beee doing it. have you been able to bring people home or give the comfort in the families that are in the sees like you are? >> we do everything in our power on to help the ffmily in everyy3 -spect. >> that is what is. >> that is what is needed and indicates. ú% we wish you the best of lucc with your sister's case. to other cases throughout maryland. thank you very muuh. ccming up in our 7:00 hour, expanding waistlines and budgets. how much the obesity epidemic is delicious. >> and next, did your favorite mmke the list? consumer reports best and worst 3
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
>americans eat more than 11 billion burgers a year. ú% who makes the tat taste yest. >> it tastes ike the old fashion type buuger when i was a ú% it looks like a fresher burger. %-aaout the bbrgers made at 5g guys, it's one of 18 fast food ressaurants covered in consuuer reportt survey designed to find the best burgers. >> we askedd28,000 offthe burgers they had eaten at fast food restaurants, restaurants likk mcdonald's and wwndy's. some the big names didn't do >> reporter: ratee onnthe scale of 1-10, mcdonald's was on the very bottom of he rating. ú%bit betterr it had some thetle
6:56 am
lower rated burgeer. >> it turned out that people preferred burgers from the lesser known chains. >> reporterr these people now what they were talking about. 5 ggy burger was a stand oot on the survey. and they did the ttste ff of a burger from 5 guys and the one ffom mcddnaad's. >> the 5 guys burger was juicy withhaanice beefy flavor and topiis at no additiinal cost. by comparison, the mcdonald's burggr and bun were bland. most of the flaaor froo the burger didnnt come from the meat itself and it came from he tooics and it's kind of puny. mcdonald's.a burger at 5 guys tn %--estauranns in california,ave nevada, utah anddarizona isú
6:57 am
annther stand out. it sounds likk science fiction, but one governmentú is thithis planet is being vy wwo issclaiming they had a close encounter of thee rd kind. i'm joel d smith, live in of days left to stay legal when it comes toodriving and talking. a lot of
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
get off thh motoocycle. state police. rrcording police on the job. the ground breaking ruling and livee.ttcould mean for your wide waistlines and deep pockets. just how much the obesity he3 epidemic is costing america. are we alone? encounter. good morning, it's tuesday, septtmber 8th. although it's not such a great morning for people ouu on the highway this morning, this is 695 at old court rrad..33 and an accident is causing traffic toobe delayed in a major way in that area, so just be
7:01 am
headeddin that direction this morning. lauren cooke has more in the traffic edge report. good morning, weeneed to get a check on our ffoecast, here right now. we have a severe thunderstorm wwaning that has popped up forrwashington county and also for allegheny county. take a look and you will sse on our map hat we do have the 7:30 this morning. aad again, we're goinn to check out our sky hd radar, not showing a whhle lot of lighhning are ripp for a chance of thunderssorms. they are moving to the north so ú% don't expeet it to be a situation that moves accoss the3 state. the only ightning strikes outú to sea, it lloks like to the south and virginia. we will watch as some of the ú%herwise here is whaa we got out there right now. a flash-flood watch to the west side of the chesapeake bay. warning to the west. coastal flood warning in thh
7:02 am
coastal west side of the part of the state.ú temperatures are in the 70s. - mild start. we are headed toward the 80ss for the sttrt. we willltalk about a little bit of learing later in the afternoon. we will have more on thaa ccming right now, here is laurrn cooke with the traffic edge. lluren, good morniig. steve.orter: good morningg ú%very slick.n is make the roads we're dealing with several acciients.ú do expect heavy delays ttaveling on the northwest side of the beltway dueeto a crash on the outer loop t 795. look at cold court road you wil3 nottce how bad traffic rraaly is. it's goinngto e jammed bacc to stephen son road. ú%u want to expect delays traveling along the outer loop from 83 to 795. that stretch is going to taae you 17 minutes. -t's only getting worse. the average speed is 22 miles per hour in that vicinity. as wwll, it's going to be backe3 up all he ay to owings mills we are dealing with delays frrm 95 to 83 as well. thattstretch is oing to take -ou 188minutes and there you're
7:03 am
looking at an average speed of 54-mile per our. from whitemarsh boulevard to beltway, you'reeloooing at a 6-minute ride with an average speed of 36 miles per hour. thatthaa's the trrffic edge. back to ou. he videotaped his traffic ssop and was then charged with violating maryland's wiretappin3 %-now a judge rules the motorcyclist did not commit a crime. megan gilliland is at city police headquarters with the means for the public when it comes to recording police conduct. good morning, megan. -> reporter: good mornnng, patrice, and good morning to all of you. what this means is if you see a police officer either out here on the streets or even if you3 are getting pulled over by one ú%d you happen to have a camera rrlling let's say on your cell phone. accooding tt thii judge that's -ot a violation of maryland's3 it's a debate hat sparked after this youtube video surfaced, listen in? off the motorrycle,,statt
7:04 am
>> repooter: that is anthony graber recording his daytime ride wwth his helmet camera. when he was stoppedpor sppeding- stopped for speeding, the caaera kept o rolling. graber was charged with violating maryland's wiretappin3 law. our state requires the consent of both parties o record aa3 private conversatton. now a harford county judge says this does not count as a private conversation. >> those recordings arr frequently the only reason that public misconduct ever comes to light and they re frequentty the only reason thaa ublic officiall are actually able to be held ccountaale. >> this was a situution wheee again, they had a belief that a violence of the law ay have occurred. attorney's office for a review. we are told tt pursue charges and that is what occurred.
7:05 am
>> now again, yesterday thee3 judge ruled the trooper had no expectation of privacy when he arrested graber anddthe wiietapping law does not apply. relieved and he is still facing those traffic charges, though. from city police headquarttrs downtown, i'm megan gillillnd..3 fox 45 morning nnws. a man is dead after a fighh in baltimore county. police were called to stone gate court in cockeysville around 11:30 last ight. when they arrived thhy found a man lying on the street. ú%tnesses told officers thee saw peopll figgting and the victim got hit in the head. police are still looking for the suspect. anne aruudel ccunty police are searching for a driver who they say it a teennger while he was out riding hhs bike over the weekend. the 16-year-old was near the veteran'' cemetery on saturday -ight hen he was hit from behind. he went to shock trauma is and expected to be okay. investigatoos are looking for a -mc sierra, they bblieve it could be a maroon color. anyone with information is askeú
7:06 am
to contact anne arunnel county a ttuuk ends in the backkard of a home in essex. it happened 5:30 this morring. the truck was reportedly on tte eastern ram when it flipppd over and landed in the backyard. to the hospital. two hemesch homes collapse ihomes collapse in thhcity in 2. the other collapsed innwest searched ffr women witnesses saú was wwlkinn nearby at the time. it happened at 3:300at lawrence street. speciallcrews searched thh area using ttermal imaging, but they -p we find no remains or no %-at this beeng there we also utilized our thermal imaging camera to assess and -etermine whether or not that was the case which gave us no readings.
7:07 am
the building that ccllapsed was vacann. investigators are still trying to determine hat cause it had tt fall. a man believvd to be a high ranking member of the blood gang is scheduled for seetencing3 today ii thh murder of another gang member. back in ay a a jury convicted timothy rowlings in the death of stephen parish. he ordered other members of the gang to convict parishhbecause he ttoughh he was gay and that would make the gang look weak.ú a judge has set a january 25th trial date for john wagner and lavelva erit, the couple robbed pitcairn and stabbed hhi while he was walking home ffommpenn station. calling all cell phone users. you only have three daas left to make your phone hands free. maryland's ew law begins on friday. so oel d smith is live in timonium to show us how drivers
7:08 am
can stay safe and still stay legal. good morning, joel.3 >> reporter: good morning, the first ime offense is $40. the next $100. %-it's not aaprimary offense. have to get nto a rash or commit another moving violation first. remember the biggppones. these are monsters. %-inside of this.this and get this is roger. you ussd to use one of these. ú% absooutely. thing to have. %->> reporter: now that issan archhve. ú% absolute she. it's if myylibraay of archive of phones. >> reporter: the sales are up ú%% because people eed this because we are getting starring on fridaa. taae us through the most popular >> probably the mid rage is $60ú it's a blue tooth device. it goes in the ear, very good
7:09 am
quality in sending and receivvng and it cuts out the a am beyent. another one is the advisor. and it is blue truth. >> reporter: $30 to avoid the 40 r 100 fine. if you're 18 or under, you an't use any of these. thh cell phooes are illegal for this won't even heep you forr3 that. keep that in mind. you only have three days eft to make yourself legal. live in timonium.3 joel d smmth. are aliens out there? the group of former air force officers who say it's true. ú%> i'm emily gracie llve at the honey harvest festivaa. 3
7:10 am
7:11 am
7:12 am
i'm talking to shannon from a lot of things going on this weekend. >> we have the honey festival on saturday and sunday. we will have honey hive demonstrations and puppets and all kind of ttings for theú kids. >> we have something going on. our special guest walter. tell me about this? >> i'mmfrom the phoenix wildllff center and he will be here on sunday for the honey harvest. and bob he i!!o, is a rehabbee .
7:13 am
>> i saw interestinngtypes of what is the interesting kinds of honeyy >> blueberry, orange blosssm and all kinds of varieties. we will have the bee keepers with us. and you will be able to samppe all of them. >> reporter: the honey -arvest festival goinn on saturday and sunday from 11:00 to 4:00..3 for more information og on tt our website at and while it's a little bit rainy this morning. that will not be the case this in fact, i think all will come in full force on saturday aad sunday. temperatures in the mid-to upper 60s for fternoon highs and few cloudd on sunday, but reallú shaping u to be a nice weekend especially for a fall festiial. here thissmooning, steve,,but it looks like all of it has passed through tte area; is that %->> repprter: we have more from the south that is still visiting us. most of it is from the west.
7:14 am
we could have gotten a whole lot more. we still have a severe %-that we nned to tell you aboo. severe thunderstorm warninggfor allegheny county and baltimore county. -hat is until 7:30, you ant to nottany lightning out therr at this hour. take a look at what we have, as far as the lightning datt. you're noo seeinn whole lot of activitt over the state, it's just that the area ii ripe for of the west for possibly thunnerstorms to be popping up. meanwhile most offthe thunderstorm activity is out to %-has been earmarked for thevity %-of moisture would be coming or way. we are seeing scatters showees aroundd.3 and we to the west we are eeing heavy downpours. ú% the west we are seeing thunderstorms are possible -here. meanwhile as you come to he central part of the state, towson, to the north, seeing light showers up toward 83 traveling north toward the mason dixon line. -s we get closer to the city, you will see that around te
7:15 am
city, eeing scattered showerss3 moving through and a ccuple of showers and now not seeing rain out in the atlantii, thatis is whaa could have bben visiting the eassern shore and bringing us the heavy downpours there. instead, we are dealing wiih again he rain that will e strongest to the rain. we do have a flash-flood watchú oo the west side of the chesapeake bayy and also the northwest part of the bay, a ccossal ffood warning, the west side of the bay, a coastal flood until 5:00 p.m. thii will move off to thhenorthú and east and take rain with it. sun later today..3 the next the low presssre center with rope tropical ú% get into tuesday. it comes out to ssa oo inland a -ittle bit more willlddtermine how much rain we get with the frontal boundary we get. again, his ii through thursday, today.3ú%-it's welcomed rain, oe thursdaa. meanwhile the temmeratures will
7:16 am
uppas well.0s, winds will pick gustinggas hhgh as 30 later on. 81 degrees for the high in the eastern shore. while in the central part of the state get tt nearly the same 88 degrees. the showers conttnuing this mooning. and it will be indy throuuhout state here innthe west we get with the showers. tonight, 85 degrees under partly cloudy skies..3 tomorrow we get a ice dry day in heee as well. beyond that, we will ee temppratures thaa will be cooling down forrthe weekend after we gee the heavy rain on %-i will get you the seven-day forecast. right now we will checkkon lauren cooke who is here with thh traffic edge. lauren. >> reporter: thank you, -teve. the rain is maaing the roads awfully slick this morning. -e are loooing at slow peeds on many of the the main lines. here is a look at old court road where you can see theee's a ton of delays. that's dueeto a ccash on the outer loop at 95.
7:17 am
ssevenson road. you will see a bit of congestion wherr traffic will be jammed to owings mills boulevard. taking a live looo at the beltwaa, and here in the3 parkville area, will you notice, it's going to be crowded along the outer loop here as well. expect the slow ride as you make a a a push toward providence road. do want to see an accident right on route 40 as chess coavenue and another in middle river at oll eastern avenue at harrison avenue, a car crashed off the3 ramp and landed in someone's -ackyard. bringgyou more uudates as it we continue tt follow a story out of west baltimore where a row home haa collapsed. it's going to be shuudown at norfolk avenue. and we are dealing with a crash on the southbound lanes at route 295. -nddtrouble in ast altimore by a car that is right on sinclair lane at bel air
7:18 am
hi there. i'm ian wright and i'm investigating what makes aruba so happy.
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oh my word, that's fantastic. ♪ row your boat gently down the stream... ♪ i'll tell you what; it's not aloe vera the main export. it's happiness. i haven't even got bait on the end of mine. i don't care; it's just nice sitting here. you're getting it. you're getting it. bob ehrlich's real record on energy. lobbyists helped write utility regulations. we got stuck with a 72% rate hike. but martin o'malley got tough on bge, forcing them to pay back $2 billion to consumers. and what's bob ehrlich been doing the past four years? he got paid $2.5 million at a lobbying firm, a firm representing special interests and casinos right here in maryland. that's bob ehrlich-- a 72% increase for us and $2.5 million from special interests for himself. nice work, bob.
7:20 am
new this morniig, the hopkins shoo by one of his morning. d david cohee was released from tte hospital yesterday..3 he was shot two weeks ago as he briefed a man on his mother's ccndition. shot himself. dr. cohen's family says they for his family. hhnddeds of peeple are expected to show up at a rally -or the chhsapeake bay, at an ú%e a a inquur!! a aquarium tod. all of the watershed states including maryland submitted their restoration pllns o the33 epa earlier this month. it sounds like the plot of a sci-fi blockbuster, a ufo comaan
7:21 am
commandeers of a bases.ú ufo and alien related incidents in uniform. they held a press conference in wwshington on monday to tell their story and to urge the government to acknowledge the far outtfact. sandra endore joins us from3 washington to sort out the fact and the science ficcion. ooh, it's weird. >> reppoter: definitely, -eally hard o delineate the line really on this one beccuseú they're saying more than 100ufo sightings ere visible in three deeades. former u.s. air force members. theyycameefor a press conference under thh guidance of robert hastings.
7:22 am
whht he is trying to doois gee the u.s. government to admit that there's in fact ufos and hú believes they're specifically trying to send a message. -hree of these former us air force membbrs say they saw a ufo sightings over a silo and nuclear weapons system in monttna. ú%aa is where when thoseesystem3 malmalfunctiined. >> iibblieve, these gentlemen believe that thhs planet is being visit from beings from anooherrworld. they are sending a signal to both washington and moscow among others that ww aae playing with fire, that the possession and ttheatened use of nuclear3 weapons potentially threatens ú%oo the planetary oirmt.tegrity >> reporter: ss that is definitely their message to the force's part,,they in fact did ú
7:23 am
study for the existence of ufos and this investigation took place betweenn1948 and 1969, under a program that was later book. who the u.s. gooeen not sound, the u....air force found this this investiiation that quote evaluated by the air force has nenever given any indication of ú%reat that no ufo haa been reported or investigated and value waited that has been a threat to the u.s. overnment. so there you have it, patrice. what you want to believe s up >> well, why are these guys coming out ow. they are talking aaout hings that have been going on so they say for yeaas, so why now? >> reporter: yeah, that has been on the record. there's been books written about it, websites and lternative about some of these sightings before. they specifically waat the u.s. government to admit that therr'' ufo sightings, they're saying3 that the government is playinn with fire when ittttlks nuclear
7:24 am
weapons. so you heard those gentlemen there, they are saying that this is a sign from extta terrestria3 llfe form that the u.s. with this kind of stuff. that is their message they're trying to get across. >> sandraaendo, reporting live frrm washingttn. i don't know what to say. we ill put the ime to our ú%ewers. >that does bring us to the question of the day, do you we will take your calls later this hour. or sound ffyouu facebook. -end us a tweet at fox baltimore or text your answer to 45203. enter fox 45a for yes or fox 45b for no. if you're an alien, you can just beam your answer in. coming up on fox 45 morning news. taaking and driving. %-change the way marylanders cht -heck. the impact it can have on your blue diamond!
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 >when you talk about obesity, you most ooten hear about the toll it takes on the body, thh3 heart disease, high lood pressure aad diabetes thht are3 all common with carrying tooú much weight..33 a new report calculates another cost of ow!! obesity, this timea literal ccst. the doctor of the ccmprehensive owobesity prograa joins us with how much obesity costss we have a dollar amount. >> $4,879 for women an %-what does that ean? >> well, i think they did a cost and it waa direct cost as in medications,,time off, or
7:28 am
lost time and more specificalll loot wages. and in aadition they aaso3 factored in the amount of lostt3 life on a yearly basis. >> so i think that means is not only is obesity a serious medical condition foo patients, but it also as significant sscietallcost anddit hits youuin the wallet with lost wages, specifically for overweight women. >> that was tte questioo. why the disparity in cost between women and men and that is where mostly falls in the make working. >> ii was a difference of $1,000 that over wit!! ooerweight gol!s in wagess men do not have that disparity aa all. ú%think there may be some societal ddscrrmination regarding that. >> talk about some some of tte cost related to coming up with this number. you in th mentioned the direct f
7:29 am
factorssthat ent into this?ú disability ost. it was relatively small on a 70-$100.ú they talked about increase cost of life insurance because of the decreased liie expecttncy about $100. requiring a little bit more in tte way of gasoline to drive around. 30 to $40 a year extra. ú% that was really nteresting, >> and what they extrapolated and it was interesting, theyy3 essimated about $1 billion gallons of gasoline to ove us arrond since we havv gained weighttsince the mid-60s. -p>> all right, doccor, it was a very inneresting study and more peoplee houlddread it. there'ssso much moreein thhre, but thank yu for coming in and sharing a little bit about it.
7:30 am
bge's instant discounts got our homeowner to switch to energy star® cfl bulbs. these covered cfls look great and last longer- perfect for 'them hard-to-reach places. 3-way cfls really click with my style. go to participating retailers for bge's instant discounts on select cfls. learn to speak the language of energy efficiency at heyhey, i go all night long and still save!
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welcome back to fox 45 morning news. 7:32 is the time. i'' patrice harris. let's get a check of the foreccst with meeorologist steve fertig as we talk about rain. we are talking about the moosture coming from the south. showers. we talk about the western part of mmrylann more likell. we had a severe hhnderrtorm we told you about earlier in washington county and allegheny county. now we see the move toward the3 north over he mason dixon line. that is indicating that the3 south and to north movement and3 we are out of that warning area now. -s we look at sky watch hd radar, you are eeing he showers from algainy county
7:33 am
moving north. and everybody else showers to deal witt and flooding concerns, thouuh. we do haae ffash-flood advisory %-bay.e flash-flood watch for it looks likk it's been discontinued. that is good news as well. coastal flooddwarning and a ccastal flood advisory to the 75 degrees in baltimore. temperatures generally mild and ú%ce we get past the morninges. hours we will ee breaks of ssnshine once the showers taper off in the afternoon. we will check in with lauren cooke on the traffic edge. reporter: thhnk you, steve. an accident is leading to delays outer loop there. as we take a lookkat old court,3 traffic will begin back to greenspring avenue. 795, jammed back ll the way back to 795. if you're raveling the outer loop from 83 to 795, you're
7:34 am
looking at an average trip of it will remain, that is ggiig to take you 33 miiutes and there you're looking at an aveeage speed of 56 miles per hour. from whitemarsh to the beltwayy you're looking at a 9-minute ttip with an average speed of 25 miles ppr hour..3 that's the trafffc eege. patrice, back to you. ú we are following a developing ssory this morning. a home in middle river.ckyyad of offiiials say ii happened after %he trrck droveeoff a loccl megan gilliland is at the scene with more. %-reporter: good morning, we're stand along eastern bbulevard in middle river. if you take a look behind me you will see what happened. a pickup truck rolled over the eastern avenue. froo what it was a backkardws
7:35 am
there.3 it looks as hough the truck may have ggne over there. we do know that one person was taken to the hospital. it'ssunclear wheeher that was the ddiver, whether ttat was thh panellepassenger and we have nod anything about their condition just yet. this happened aa 5:30, this side rrad is blocked off to trrffic right now as we are trying too3 rrmoveethe truck from the backyard. ww are going to bring you more iiformation on this accident after it becomes available..3 at middle rver this morning, i'm megan gilliland. fox 45 morning ews.3 the suspect who stabbed a man at security square mall in baltimore county s still on th3 loose this morning. it appened yesserday ttabout 11:00 .m. nooth american trade schooo which is located inside of the mall. he wws stabbed in thh back and taken to shock traumm. condition. a 2 yeaas old is in critical %-hagerstown police saa the chi3 found a gun in an apartmenn on little elliot drive early
7:36 am
yesterdaa morning and thh wwapon discharge. he is being treat add at hirn washington.hospiial in the boy's 16 years old brother has been charge as an dult witt poosessing an illeggl firearm. ⌞>> patient at the clifton t perkins hospital in jessup allegedly told police he strangled a fellow patient after kissing her. 45 years old susan sachs was foond dead ii her room at the maximum security mental hospital -n saturday morniig. heereporttdly told police that a string around her neck. it's dangerous and there three days ittwill be illegall ii ill cost you $40 fine after friday. >> reeorter: the law really does take effect on friday so we're running out of time here. a lot of different options.
7:37 am
go into the ffture. remembbr ttese big bricks that you used to oldup to your ear, no more, and what about a ag phone. person that knows a lot about that is roger castle from electronic communicctions. we sed to use the big ooes and now we're gging to the small time. not being able to talk on a because we ound that $1.3 million crashes because of hadd e got distracted. hereeis ssmeeof our options. this is the cheapeet one, does it work? >> absolutely, it plugs in the photo jack of your phone with aú over the earpiece for receiving and talking. then yoo go into tte blue tooth technology to connect to the >> reporter: a lot of people
7:38 am
don't like the in arpiece, what do ouutell them.ú >> you ave the vice or mmunt that is a ne buttoo answer receive technology. >> reporttr: the kids come here and they say i they want tt get these. p> if you're under 18 you are not ad allowed to use a phone fr talking or textinn. >> reporter: if you're caught using a handheld device. this is secondary offense. it's better to stay legal and savsafe as well. ittsounds like the plot of a sci-ff block bu bloccbusttr. a group of former air force movie. it's reeliiy. oneeof many ufo and alien related incidents, they witnessed during their time in uniffrm.ú
7:39 am
they held a press conference in washington on monday to tell their stories and to urge the government to acknowledge he ffr out events. -hat bring us to the question of the day. our phonn lines are oppn now at (410)481-4545. you can go to and tell us what you think or sound off thrrugh facebook. senddus a tweet at fox bbltimmrr enner fox 455 for yee or fox 45b for no. bob ehhlich releases a new campaign. ú% remember this. >> martin o'malley taking on bge. >> they talk abbut hoo the tone may impact vooer perception. from thh west side of thee3 beltway, ut we're left
7:40 am
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in the wwstern part of he the north out of allegheny3 county where we earlier had a now we're seeing some showers moving into the central part of thh state that we ad as wwll. it's not that intense. it could be a whole lot more that we are getting asswe see the rain streaming forth and3 ú%en we the rontal boundarysee moving through and bringing us the showers. instead the heaviest rain is moving toward the wess. not seeing a whole lot of activity. be aware, ou may run into a ú%uple of showerr here and there. the low pressure center may take today. behind it driee air to move in.
7:43 am
we mmyysee sunshine laterrin the day. it may become partly suuny buu we will keep our eyes to the south. there is our next source of it comes up the coast. and depending on the timing it3 could bring heavy doonpours. cooler air behinddtte cold ú%we will talk more about that e seven-day forecast. what we are lookinn as far as seven-day fall totals, assfar as 2 1/2 inches of rain to the central part of the state and even the surrounding areas, 74 degrees for the temmerature right now in baltimore, and down in salisbury 71. sooit's mild all ver. the only cool ssot in the pown tan!!mmuntains and oaklann.ú %-10-15-mile-an-hour on average. higherrthough as high ass3 55 miles per hour or higher for up to 81 degrees r showers later this morning into maybe the early affernoon there.
7:44 am
back toothe central part of tte state getting to 56 degrees. the winds gusting to 30 and back of 76 degrees also with theúre ú%owers thissmorning and %-gusting higher-up to 25 miles per hour tonight or later ttday. 55 degrees forrtoniggt the overnight low, it does get cooler. after 80 today, 76 tomoorow, and 76 on thursday with a few showwrs early, -- late wednesday bbt the better chhnce of heavier rain coming on thursdaa. 58 and 64 forrsaturday and sunday, and 66 and mosttl sunny for your monday. now let's see hat is appening on the roadways with lauren cooke. >> lauren,. thank you steve, the rain is making the roads very slick. youuwant to be careful as au expecttdelays on the outer loop due to a crash.
7:45 am
as we take a look at the beltway at oll court road. things will be moving back pretty slow..3 you want to expect congestion traveling on 95 as well. it's going to be backed up all way to the top.úú%if you're tray in parkville, ere is a live look at harford road. you can ee things are moving along okay. a little bit of congestion along the outer loop as you make the push toward providence road. %-been dealing all morninn hast cleared in mmddle river. the car that ccashed into someone's yard has been cleared no delays in the area. meganngilliland will bring you a live update from the scene in just a moment. if you're traveling in west baltimore the row home that collaased in oak field avenue remainn shutdown at norfolkúú%a. for those of you traveling in howard county ww do have a fallen utility poll that continues to shutdown old frederick road at mmrrrotsville
7:46 am
road. we dd have an accident on the easttound lanes of interstate 70 at woodbine road that you want to watch out for. that's the ttaffic edge.%patric. thank you, lauren. still ahead a group off3 congress to investigaae aftere admitting to havvng witnessed several ufo and alien related incidents. we waat to know what you think? our phone lines are open now at (410)48 ♪ ♪ i like your messy hair ♪ i like the clothes you wear ♪ i like the way you sing ♪ and when you dance with me ♪ you always make me smile ♪ don't know why i love you [ male announcer ] we believe you're at your best when you can relax and be yourself. and at thousands of newly refreshed holiday inn express hotels, you always can. holiday inn express. stay you.
7:47 am
7:48 am
it sounds like the plot of a sci-fi block busster, a ufo commandeers at a millitary base and it causes them to malfunction. but the story is no movie.
7:49 am
during their time in uniform. they were at a press conffrence on onday to tell their store sy and urge the government to acknowledge the far out event. that brings us to he question of the day, do you belleve in aliens? ú%t's go to the phone, i think. darrell in baltimore is on the liie. good morning, darrell. >> good morning. >> iido beeleve in aliens, because of two reasons..3 one we wouldn't have the technology we have in such a shhrt period of time today if it wouldn't be or sometting unknown and also that -- >> why do you think we have never seen them.3 ú% the natives especcally have seen them and iim native aad i do believe we have ssen them. ú% grandparents have told me. >> you haveea good day. >> youutoo. >>bye-bye. >> markus in bbltimore is on the line. good morninn, markus, do you believe in aliens. >> yes, ma'am, i do? y? >> because if you think about lifelike plant living, ttey ae
7:50 am
a living organism, people and animals. aliens ffom another planet or anywhere? >> there may e could be. do you think there's evidenceú out therr to support that or you're just getting if we're here, somebody lse is here,3 too? >> i ain't never seen no evidence. things are liiing hereethere3 musting sooething else living3 out there? >> you are with the majority of people hat live that wrote in our website. tte majority of people thinkú that thereeare other life forrs oot there. the only person, let's go to gillian on face book. sse was one of the few people who said no way because most everybody else surprisingly to me, thought there is something out there. nellie says, there's no way we are the only beings in the derrick wrote on our website. there's too much space out there
7:51 am
for us to be the only human beings. i believe there are planets just startinn out and other ones thht are hundreds if not thousands of years ahead oo us. this has been quite anú interesting conversation on facebook his morning. so make surr you're a fan so you can join in. coming up n later on fox 45 morninggnews. it's ot too late to tune to one of fox's newest comedies. raising hopp. -p remember this promise.3 >> but next negative campaign ads hitting the aii waves. how voters may respond to blue diamond almonds!
7:52 am
more bold flavor! more variety! more value! more of what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds. (play-by-play announcer) it's up and it is... good! more than a snack. remeeber this promise?
7:53 am
martin o'malley. >> taking on the bge.
7:54 am
>> nothing happened, and. %-ehrlich newwet campaign ad nd o'malley did not only fail to stop a 72% bge increase like he ú%oposed but he pointed out hat the state lost jobs last montt. delegaae kurt anderson nd matt mcdonough jjined us this morning. are ttese vvlid points. -eeegate mcdonough let's start >> we're just getting started of the wait until the 3rd party that support theseecandidates there's going to be lot of this stuff. but tt be faar bout this particular ad t's accurate nd it's going to gain a lot of ppints. you remember martin o'malleyú started this so-called, some people call it negativv advertising. i think it's what we call he did radio ads and they back
7:55 am
fired. they were what people called negative, one which was in fact, the sun, tte post and democratt ssid he was way over the top on the accusation of the oil spill in that sort of thing. but thhy are effecttve, ppople do respond to this type of advertissng. ú%derson, what do you think abouu the latest ads by delegate ehhlich. >> i didn't like the negative ads that governor opall o'maller that gregg bernstein did. i think theeproblem that yyu see is that people are getting turned off y alllof this negativism. you're giving them eeson ot to vote or a particular reason and tterefore they're not voting. this last election shows that voters got turned off by all thú negativity. i'm going to vote for a i'm going to vote for someeody who talks them selves and all of
7:56 am
the things that they ave done and the negativity. delegate mcdonough said they don't liie thoseekinds of ads but they to stick with them. -p>> the proof is in the puddin, the last two election inside baltimore city the turn out has bben lower thhn it has beee 3003 or 40 and 50 years. montgomery county thhs time ú%ound was the lowest in the stateeann there's a lot of mud slinging going on there.ú peoppe gettturned off andd3 they'reesick of it. how do people view these ads. even former governor ehrlich saysshe doesn't like to these %-we see these ads and ttey resonatt with people. >> i'm sick and tired of ttis stuff. i know you need to point out %-that issan obligation you have to the voters. i want to see exciting new creativv solutions. >> i want to see the candidates %-that i want to implement thaa
7:57 am
that is what i want to see.ú >> is this a sign of desperation on either side? ads?3 >> because there's no manage nation right now. attack -- manage nation right it now. attack yourropponent but it turns out voters. why not get a candidate who talks what he is going to do foo real in the electton as opposed to trying to did he tract from hidistract from hisopponenn.úú% >> i know it's not desperation. it's tradition, it's part of american politics. i agree once again with kirk. if a candidateelooks into that camera nd saay, like i'm going to do thii and this is how weere this is my plan. >> my vote is for
7:58 am
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only at verizon. get off he motorcccle. get off the motorcycle. state police. ecording police on the job. the ground braking ruuing and what it coulddmean ffr your joos. get ready to go haads free aad the no phones behind the wheel law goes into effect. and fox is back with all new comedies. %-us a sneak peek at their debut season. gooddmornnng. it's tuesday, september 28th. i'm patrice harris. lets get aa heck of our forecast. a rainy couple of days.
8:01 am
meteorologist steve fertig is here with a llttle bit more on that. we could have strong thunderstorms especially on the with that.orr not havvng to deal that is good news. the rain nevertheless, have to deal for anooher day. >> i don't mind. because ittseems to be keeping the stink bugs away from my -ouse. >> wwll, more of that. we got some rain this morning but it lloks like stink bugss3 it's going to dry oot then. here is what weegoo in theú eastern part of the region. heavy showers there and thunderstorms ww arr sseing in the yellows and oranges. back to the wwst we have thunderstorms in allegheny county wheee there's a -hunderstorm thhre and allegheny county, too. we do have a flos!! flash-flood advisory through the centralú part oo the state. thaa hhs expired but he coastal warning has not. flood advisory. 70s to starttout, pretty mild this morning. -he high. we will get rid of the rain,
8:02 am
there's a chance for a heavy dose. i will tell you when hat comes in a just a few minutes. right now laurrn cooke is here with. >> reporter: good orning, steve. the rain is making the roads slick. there's delays with a crash that has been cleared from outer loot %-courttrrad.look at the old things will be moving along pretty slow. it will be jammeddto bel air road..3 iffttaveling he outer loop from 83 to 795, that stretch is going to take you twin 21 minutes. from 795 to 95, we're lookinn at ú%22-minute ride with n average spped of 55 miles per hour. you're looking at a 37-miiutee3 ride with an verage speed of ú% miles per hour. back to you. :02 fox 45 morning news. a man is dead after fight in baltiiore county. police were called to stone gate
8:03 am
11:30 last night. when they arrived they found a man lying on the streets.3 witnesses told officerssttey saw peoppe fighting and the viitim got hit ii he head. police are still looking for the ssspect.., a truuk endd up in the backyard of a home in middle %-it happened justtafter 5:30 ts morning. the ttuck was on the eastern boolevard ramp when it reportedly ran off the road and into the baccyard.ú policc say ooe pprson was taken ú% the hospiial. two homes ccllapsed in the city in just 24 hours. just before 5:00 this morninn, a vacant home collapsed in of oak field and norfflk avenue. theebuilding was vacant at the time f the coolapse. no one was injured. the other collapse in west baltimore and rescuu rews frantiially searched for a woman who witnesses say was walking
8:04 am
it happened around 3:30 monday afternoon. ú%ecial crews searched the area didn't find anyone trapppd in thh rubble. at this point. we also utilizeddour thermal imaging camera to aasess and determine whether or not ta that was the case it gave us no the buildinn that collapsed was vacant. investigators are still trying ú% determine what cause it haa to fall. a harford county judge ruled ú%at state police were wrong for aaresting a man foo taaing his own traffic stop.3 ii was a debate thht sparked when a yyutube video surfaced. ggt the motorcycle, get off of the motorcycle, state police. >> that is anthony graber on his moib. motorcycle. ú% was recording his daytime
8:05 am
ride with his helmet amera. when hes was stopppd, the camera kept recording and he caught all of that on tape. you an see that the police officer pulled his gun and assed him to pull off befooe ú%entifying himself as a police officer.3 maryland requires a consent off3 conversation. now a judge has thrown out those charges. >> whht the judge found toddy is that what he was ccarged with >> the judge rrled and we will llve with that ruling. >> the judge made that ruling jest saying the trooper had no eepectatioo of privacy wwen he arrested graber and the wire -apping dde law doesn't apply. using a cell phone whhle cliefg in marylan!!driving in ma $40 fine.
8:06 am
>> reporter: the law does take effect on fridayy a loo of different options.hhre. let'' go into the past before we -o into the future. remember the big bricks that you used to holdup to your ear and no more.the same time. -hat about a bag phone. we have come a llng way. the person who knows all about that roger castle from eleccronic communications. we used to use the big ones is now weere going to the small one. are peoppe getting thh drift time. >> here is. people are getting the information about not being able to talk onnthe phone while driving. >> rrporter: this is the cheapest one. ú%es this work? >> absolutely. %-you plug it into thh jack of earpiece for receiving and talking. then you gg on to the blue tooth
8:07 am
where it uses blue tooth technology to connect to the phone with the in earpiece. >> reporter: a lot of people don't like the in earpiece. ú%at do you tell ppople. vicvisormouut..3 >> if you're under 18, none ofú these devices will help you in the state of the maryland. yoo reenot alllwed to useea phone for talking or texting. >> reeorter: it's a $40 finn the irst time, and $100 ine if %-this is a secondary as lon!!-- offense,as long as ns first, then it's bettee assto stay legal. a nuclear missiles ii aa a3 millitary base and causes them to malfunction. but group of air force officers say the story is no
8:08 am
movie. it's a reaaity. 1 of the many ufo aliin incidents they experienced during their time in uniform. they held a press conference on mondayyin washington to tell their story and urge the governmenn to accnowledge the far out events. still ahead he grand oll g3 oprey is
8:09 am
8:10 am
you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar. in weekenn, honey harvest is the buzz worr. ú%teorologist emily gracie is live withhthe detaiis for this3 morninn's hommtown hot spot.ú >> reporter: the bees are out and i was cheered up by honey myself thii morninn, pptrice.
8:11 am
i'm oined by courtney one of the bee keepers at the nature center. this happees once a year. this is a chance to get some money. take me through the process of honey harvest. >> we will take frames like these that are filled with honey. when the bees are done filling3 up the cells insidd of the you will see bee'' wax and heard about people using that in %-so what we have to do to get e bee's wax nd tte honey, is take the wax caa off tte top with a hht knife and then we put the %-turner and by sentrifugue cen, it comes out of the into thh bucket. >> reporter: he withhhave he honey harvest festival. tell me about the kid friendly
8:12 am
>> we have the face painting and antennas and we will helppto make cider. it will be a lot of fun. >> reporter: ii's all free. the honey harvest festival going %-for mmre information on this, you an go at our website at ittmaa be raining it morning, but thissweekend, actually %-like, temperattre a little3 cooler, mid-to upper 60s partty sunny skies on sunday but really nice on saaurday. very fall like out there, steve. but definitely watching thh radar this morning. we still ave the showers movvng through. correct. >> reporter: watch the bees while yyu're there. showers out there. it a whale longer. take a look at thattas farras thh current conditions. thht is the mason dixon line, if you aae traveling in ttaa direction, we will have storms there. that will continue foo a whiie longer. we haa earlier in washington county and alleeheny county,
8:13 am
too. these haae been moving from south to north.3 that has been he prooress we ú%ve been watching on radar this from the south looking at at radar right now. to the weettwhich earlier it was active. things have quiited there and the ceetral part of the state we ú%e seeing more activity. that is again, light showers as we move from west to east. there you see the heavier rain earriee and seeing some showers right now. it's not as heavy as it was earlier. we are seeing heavy downpouus on the eastsideeof tte 695 toward whitwhitemarsh,.ú these are more isolated in nnture. -ook at all of thattrain in aa -tlanticcocean. that could have been coming toward the atlantic ocean and that avoiding the region stayed3 ú%t eastt that wwssgood news for us.ú that low with all of the moisture that is moving in has brought the rain to start with,
8:14 am
we get a bit of a break before system for some heavy downnoors on thursday and ttat is due to 3 moving up the coast. as it does, that low may move get morr rrii and it comese will inland innwhich we get more ú%avy downpours. that front cog bringing us heave -- could beebringing us heavy downpours and lighhning with it on thursday. as far as how much rain when we add thursday's rain, as much as centrrl part of the ssate. that is very significant. an inch to two inches for ú%uthwest. we staa innthe 70ssthis morning which has been a mild start. ú%nds pickinggup already. 10-20-mile-an--our wind riggt the south. ii's the definite and south and north flow that continues to showers with also some coastal concerns by the way on the west side offthe chesapeake bay as far aa flooding there. 81 degrees for the easternú ú%ore's high temperattre today. a 11-25-mile-an-hour wiid. central part of the state getting up to 0 degrees witt a
8:15 am
10-20-mile-an-hour wind gusting higher. back to the west we go, there also, 76 degrres with a 10-15-mile-an-hour wind gusting3 the showers beginning to taper off in ttat part of the state. 59 for the overnight ow under tomorrow, we will see temperatures, actually climbing a little bit first and then decreasing aalittle bit thereafter. look for emperatures to be near 60 degrees, actuully low 60s as we gt toward the end of the weekkinto the weekend. look at what is happening on the roadways. here isslluren cooke and your traffic eege. lauren. >> reporrer: thank you, steve. well, the ain is making the ú%ads very lick this morning. so you do want to use extra caution as you head out. we are dealinn witt slow speedd on the beltway..3 here is a live look at the the outer loop. that issdue to an earlier accident at 795. -t's very, very slow in this %-greensprrng avenue.he wayyto
8:16 am
-ere is a look aa harford road. do expect a ssow ride as you roaddthe push toward providence we do have an aacident at rosedaleeat route 40 at chees coavenue. we ccntiiue to followwa story out of wwst baltimore where a row home has collapsed. you will want to stick with walcot avenue instead. we have showers that have shutdown old frederick road as3 well as theeaccident at wood that is the trafficcedge. patrrce, bbck to you. thank you, lauren. is typing a real pain? how to prevent and treat capital tunnel syndrome. and ext, you can't stop the music. ♪
8:17 am
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8:19 am
>>it's the show that made country music famous. the 85 years old grand ole opry now can tree i countryyis comin. ann derk is perforring. they are making him vailable to talk withh s this morning. >> good morning. celebration. >> it's a huge day for we're so excited. -imean, you talk to -- there's a big buzz around nashvilleeand all of the actors oming here everyone is excited to be a par3 of cellbration of the opry housú looking better than it has ever
8:20 am
>> we are talking about a floodú that came in aad devastated thh place. i now readinggsome of the accounts for it, the people that ú%rformed thhre and that have been there ffr so long it was state. for me it was a thing in hiih heart. this stage this 4 feet on it. it was like a ship underwater. and in four montts to turn the whole place around and get it back up and running nd bring opry house is a major feat.o the ú% shows thh country fans around theeworld that the nattonal is baak. we have ssarred to restoring the cittyback to its greatness.ú >> in the meantime, the music you all made a way to keep the show going during that time. >> yeah, i heard you talkingg3 about the grand oleeopry. it's about country now sick.3 ii's -- music anddit's about fans and performers. it started as the radio show.
8:21 am
it was able to move to different buildings and it has during the history. ddring this flood, it was in several buildings keeping the show alive. everybody is excited to have it in the opry house.ú the stage is important and to have theestage back and have left that was taken frrm the auditorium where guus like hank williams and johnny cash and elvis presley stood, to have the the stage and salvaged from the flood is very special. it keeps the magic of thhs building alive.ú %-that is going to come out ofc celebration. that is going to be a good time. >> it's going to be a great live event.ú if youuccn't be here live you can watch n ac. they ill be here at theeentire show at 9:000 asttrn.
8:22 am
join us then. >> thank you very much. you can check the local listings to see when the country comee home an opry elebration speciaa
8:23 am
8:24 am
>it is the exx factor. ú%u can get the whole body worrout. we are here from the gold's gym get fit with fox. hi, danny. >> we re working withhthis big guy. >> this is the dinoomax ball. it's a softer medicineeball.3 >> hhw much does this weigh?
8:25 am
>> this is six pounds. >> i was worried i won't be abl3 %-going to start to burn. range, about 30 seconds to a minute depending on what the fitness level is. usually the first exercise you -tart on one routine, we will dd basically squat slam.ú that name. >> are you up and in and you''eú coming out and slamming the ball down. as you slam it and you caach it3 you jump up on a fla!! pllttorma box. you jump up ann jump down. the same thing. this one s lighter and easier. >> it gets tough, right fom33 ú%%-the same leg.e lunges with so yoo are just goinn to stay forra certain amount of time n right from there, we would go to
8:26 am
ab ab, ussian ttist move here we have a feet. mooe the feet up and tap from side to side. >> what is the benefit of adding the weight? makes it harder.gue addinbbsicat you can switch things up and make ittharder or your body. >> challenge yourself. >> yeah, from right there we go on into a wall ball. we have dino max on tte ground and ooe in our hand. you would sit to make sure you're sitting loo enough to3 touch your butt. yoo would bounce ii on the wall. a certain amount of ime ann then we would rotate. >>that's a big worrouu and we were talking about weight as far as getting started and then feel your way up. >> reporter: it kind of depends on where you aaeú starting? >> foo guys yoo start easier --
8:27 am
giils epending on your fitness level activity, you would sttrt you with 6, 8 or, 10. about this i know you have a3 nnwsletter. >> we have a newsletter, everything that is hht and ú-stuff on the website it comes out twice a month and it's free. >> you have ideas to make it >> we will let people know if they want some f that information go to our website. danny thank you foo being ith us. to sign uppforrthe go to still o come raise your spirits with raising hope..3 this baby and i would appreciate a little support. the sttrs of the new fox comedy take us behind the scenes. and next is working at tte computer a reel pain in the tunnellsyndrome.ou have carpal
8:28 am
8:27 is the timm. 8:27 is the timm. you are watching fox 45 bob ehrlich pretends to be for the working guy... but he's not on our side. i thought i knew bob ehrlich, but then i found out... he raised property taxes on every maryland family... and business. he increased college tuition... by 40%. 40%. and i thought i knew bob ehrlich. he was against raising the minimum wage. made $2.5 million... working for a lobbying firm. $2.5 million? he's not really on my side. with this tough economy, we really need a governor on our side.
8:29 am
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p>> 'm patrice harris. good morning, i'm megan gilliland. the day. ú% here to fill us on all of the details. we are filling sooeeof the gaps. take a look at sky watch hd radar and this is what you will find as you see the howers moving from the south to the north. all of that moisture moving in as the low pressure moves inland. most of it has been to the wwst earlier this morning. now we start to see it in the central county and the eastern shore will get its share. %-lightning strikee there.úee we do have a coastal flood warning now for the weet and part of the area. ú%will continne until 5:00 p.m.% the addisories and the warnings in the area. it'' been a mild start, 80 degrees forrthe high this
8:31 am
weeshould see breaks of sunshine -ater once we get past the rainier start to the day. it will be winnie windier toddy. lauren, good mmrning..3 and good morning. do expect a low ride traveling ttrough the fort mchenry tunnel. on the southbound lanes of 955 no problems reporring to will you through he harbor tunnel. we are dealing with congestion duu to a crash on the outer loop and expect a ton of congestion on 795. didelays back to the too. if you are lucky and stuck %-795 to 95, you're looking at a 28-minute trip with annaverage trip of 43 miles per hour. it will remain high. that tretch is going to take you to 25 minnues. ú%erage speed oo 45 miles per hour.
8:32 am
no relief if you're traveling ú%rm white to the beltway. -ou''e looking at a 12-minute3 trip with aa average speed of -4 miles per hour. that's the trafffc edge report. patrice, back to you. ere are the sttries ww are ffllowing this morning. a 2-year-old is in critical condition fter accidentally shooting himself in the chest. hagerstown police say the child found a gun n an aparrmenn on little elliot drive early ú%sterday morning in and the -eapon discharged..3 he is being treated at washington. the boy's 16 yeers old bore has beebrotherras been charge as anh possessing an illegal fire arm. >> reporter: i'm joelldú have anymore a hand hpp and-he. tte options are heee, some areúr advicoradvicor, a lot f people
8:33 am
realizing that you have to ccange that. a grrup headed to clean up the bay re showing uppat a3 rally at the national a tar a am today. leaders to support the strategyy all of the states submitted their reetoration plans to the ú%> if you work on a omputer and you have ever felt pain in your hands or wrists, you carpal tunnel syndrome.u had %-serious ann if it is, what do you do about it? morning.each joins us this3 good morningg
8:34 am
-unnel, what does that mean. immediate ymedian nerve that rue it's surrounded by ninn 1 tendo. -nything that causes innlaamatio!!!inflammation it ge symptoms oo pins and needles? so prollnged used oo the typewriter in the improper condition will lead to that. >> it cann it's not the only cause, plentt of peoppe use key boards that don't develop carppl tunnel syndrome. using the keyboarr for aú prolooged period offtime in a bad position will contribbtt tt developing the symptoms. >> how do ou know if the pain that you are experiencing s carpal tunnel? %--p>> if you have a sensation f numbness and the thumb iidex and middle fiiger and sometimes the ring finger that is existent with carpal tunnel syndrome.
8:35 am
as high as he shoulder.adiates %-tunnel synddome, the physician by aaexaminationby a physician . you can do a test that tests the nerves. >> so the big question is hoo o you treat it and can it be curedd >> well, it certainly can be cured. ii'ssa very commmn disorder and itts very easy to treat. first anddfore most is changing the causative factors. -rra laatop in aapetition which is causinn a lootof stressor that position and change the waú you do things. take breaks. change the position you're usinn your keyboard. ú%u can use things like wrist braces, which sometiies you use attnight whiih prevents you to curling your wriitt,,and antiinflammatory meaantiinflamm. >> when is it so bad that is3
8:36 am
requires surgery or something -ore drastic. that is if you have ttied all of you still ave symptoms, then surgery is a consideration. surgery is faarly simple straight forward procedure. it takes about 30 minutes. what it involves is basically, space to enlarge to take the pressure off the nerves..3 good thing and treaamenttfor it. thank you very much oo coming in. >> you are welcome. -p if you would like for information log on to and click onn3 your health matters. still ahead, have ou cut out the coffee but still having trooble sleeping? tte other hidden causes of >> ell, you can safe drop it at ooly make sure you hand it to someone. >> later, get ready to laugh.
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
%-there this morning and all ovr the park. >> the only good thing about the rain is it's keeping theestink bbus out of my home. and meteorologist steve fertig is here to tell us how long i have the relief of the ú%iffeninn bugs. >> the stink bugs are back tomoorow. weather, even though some of you may ttink it stinks with the showers you have o deallwith. let's check out the rain, it's definitely a south and north all oo the moisture examining fro!!--moisture coming from that and as can you see right now not looking t much to thh west, a
8:40 am
little bit of a break then.3 we still have a couple of showers anddyouusee the heavier ú%more of the activity toward te central part of the state. %-theeconcennration of thenow easttide of 899. if you're travel around the beltway, you will runninto showers this morning and off to into the a atlantic. that is cooing up the eastern shore and bring us thunderstooms,,too. we ot a break from theúhad a tt to the west earlier. with it gges the rain later tooay. in comms ddier air and maybe even some breaks sunnú partly sunny thennbut then another tropical system is coming up fromm he south.ú we will be watching this oneú %-- lot of moisture will be comg out of area. if ttat low pressure centtr comes out to sea, it will get less rain and it cooes inland the timing of it behind it will
8:41 am
additional rainfall for thursday. ú% have as mucc as 2.5 and three inches of rain. it's todaa and as well as what3 you aar seeeng here concentrating to the central part of the state. even the ou outskirts, about 3 3 4 inches of rain. mild starr, 71 in d.c. hagerstown 70 degrees. in oakland, coollr hiiher %-88 degrres ffr the high in the eastern shore. we will get rid of the ain later this morning aad into the early afternoon we start to see some breaks and partll sunny3 skies after that. back to the west we look for a high temperature cooler at 76 degrees. overnight tonight, partly cloudy %-in comes the cooler air.from
8:42 am
73 tomorrrw and ssmeerainshowers possible on wednesdayynight. wednesdaa. 76 for the high. 72 mostly sunny on friiay, and 77 and 64 forrtheeweekend. a cooler weekend even though we -illlbe geneerllyydry, 66 on monday with mostll sunny skies.3 wwat about the commute this mornnng? we got somebody right here who will tell you all abouttit..3 lauren cooke has the traffic eege. lauren. >> reporter: thankkyou, steve. the rain has made the roadd very slick. you want to be extra areful as you head out this morning.ú we do expect a slow ride travellng through the fort mchenry tunnel. we are dealing with an accident ann fortunatelyyii has been confined to the shoulder. no problems to report traveling througg the harbor tuunel. we are dealing with a lot of congestion. here is a live look at cold court road. packed along the outer loop. do expect congeetion on 795 as well. rice tears towreisterstown roadg
8:43 am
morninn. it's goinggto be moving slow well. the outer loop ere as expect a slow ride as you make the push ttwaad providence road. soothbound from timonium rood to the bellway. fortunately the jfx is looking clearrfroo 695 downtown to east fayytte streett we aae dealing with an accident %-lanes at route 433rthbound chesscchesscc avenue.le at that is the traffic edge. patrice and megan, back to you.3 thhaks, lauren. hollywood without the drama.úwet celebrity scoop. i just got her a few hours ago. >> and next, fox's all new the stars of raising hope gives
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
u won't want to miss foxxs new family ccmedy raisingghope. it's about a 23 years old who lives with his fammly when his ú%fe stakes a drastic turn. broadcasting is making lucas and martha from the show available to talk with us this mmrning. good morning, welcome to the fox networr. we're excited to havv youu >> gooddmorning, we're excited to be here. >> tell us aalittle bit aaout what the show is ll about? p> lucas? i would be happy tooanswer that question. the show introduces the world t3 the chance family. i play jimmy chants, a sort f early 20s, slaccer who is sort of vaguely alive. he has a one nigghstand with a crazy woman who turns out to beú a serial killer. she goes to death row, but sse
8:47 am
is pregnant. so she has the baby. we take custody nd that ssrt of becomes an opportunity for our family, who we have never done ú%ything right. the baby bbcomms a second chann3 it sort of becomes my purpose in life to be the fatherrof this baby. p>>i was oing to ask you, it sounds like dramatic issues but it's a comedy? ú%awesome.ann hilarious and part of this new show? >> well, godd yess greg garcia is a brilliant guyy he is a fantastic writerrand tretree yous history of making %-the cass is fe!! phenomenal, ú couldd't have asked for better
8:48 am
actors. and of course we haae -- what more coulddyou want. >> martha, telllus about yyur >> well, i play lucas' mom. my character's name is vvrginia ssantz. -'m a reluctant gran grandmothet the age of 50. that's the math we're doing. he comes home with tte babb that i'm now the grandmother of and itts of course, horrifying to e as a woman still not yet 40. we do the best we can. thht's theeidea. weere going o give it our est shot.3 >> ou're raising hopee >> uh-huu. >> we're excited to watch it. thank you for being with us. can tune in?3 >raising hope is on fox 45 oú tuesday's at blue diamond almonds! more bold flavor!
8:49 am
more variety! more value! more of what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds. (play-by-play announcer) it's up and it is... good! more than a snack.
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but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments. now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to each other. and ultimately connected to you. at kaiser permanente, we believe that if knowledge is power, shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive. shared knowledge is even more powerful. hen it comes to getting a good night sleep, there re a few infamous offenders, snoring, sleeppaanee and aybe the barking dog next door, but dr. mollica marshal found another isrrptors. more than 50% of amerrcans suffer frrm insomnia n a given
8:52 am
-ear. drowsiness. that affects proddctivity and it can be dangerous. >> sharing your bed with a bed. 53% of people who slept with their ets had nightly disruptions. >> gerd or acid reflux. you may not know you have it snl until youuhave trouble sleeping. pain even mildd such as back pain, headaches and other muscle -nd joint conditions can trigger poor sleep. evaluate our sleep stoppers because knowwng what is causing -he problem is the first step back tooa good ni 3
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8:55 am
the slammerr kinn f. a hollywood couple and a hip-hop llgend has a run. %-only for a few hours.ugh it's my sources say she is ot saying to had he rehab now. she is supposed o get 0 dayy in ail for the violatioo, but we'rr thinkinn she is trying to do the ehab thing to get out of it. for now she is back toowearrng aa alcohol mmnitoring bracclet until she ccecks in or gets booked. ú%> and demi moore and ash shone kutcher just celebrated their anniversary but nnt without drama. these are rumors saying hat he cheated and saying hat the
8:56 am
of her new movie anddthey appeared to be in love. the laadies of wisteria lane have a nee neighbor. she is a cougar stirring up trooble. the role shouldn't be too hardú for her, after all she plays a womannwith rocky marge t marra professional athlete. i heaad somethhng that i was -as started a beef with ja jaa . and threatens to release come back song in halloween. i see more harm than good coming from this form. all we can say, is please, hammerrdon't hurt him. > n these economic times everybody is scaling back he
8:57 am
spending even celebs. iistead of a fashion faux pas, i thought we had to show you some of ur big friends innbudget red carpet outfits. that is where nikki got her ú%oparr print dress for $45. selma blair's too-too was $80. and claire dane uper fun maxy %-then rachael romper only $70 t expreess and kelly osbor ooborne got her so ll this is proof, lldies, we can be chic for cheepp i'm randi brockton. p>> she let out that the lindsay lohan's jail jumper is for free.
8:58 am
⌞> she only wwars it forr3 miiutes..3 i don't understand why she doesn't stay in jail. stay innjail for 30 days and then o to rehab. >> it doesn't apply to her. she gets off every time. >> if the judges areeso lenient. she issnot taking it seriously, -o onn is taking ittserioosly. >> on to the weather. heck yourself beforeeyou wreck where you are self. she is going to wreck yourrelf and then she checks hersslf n.3 here is what happening weather wise. -e have weather this morning. -- rain this morning. -0 degrees for tte high and 73 tomorrrw for the igh temperature with partty cloudy skies, and rain possible on thursday as the tropical system coming up the coast could bring us rainnthere. 73 degrees n friday and the >> football weather.eekknd. >> it is, actually. yeah, feeling more like that. >> one of fox's new season is bbck. ú%ee is back.
8:59 am
ú%th century fox is back %-can you win a copyright nowwif yyu're the 4th or 5th caller at (410)481-4545. and don't forget you can see glee tonight at 8:00 here on fox 455 okay.ú >> that's going to do ittfor us. >> have a great day. >> see you tomorrow.

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